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Online Lean Manufacturing Seminars

Why they Work; How They Work 

Advantages of Strategos Online Training

Live Video TrainingThese programs are real, live, interactive sessions.  For some topics, the format is superior to a live classroom seminar because :

  • New Concepts Have Time To Gestate
  • Learning Teams Attack Real-Life, Relevant Projects
  • Instructor can guide & Coach
  • Schedule Is Flexible
  • Content Is Flexible

Additional Benefits:

  • No Travel

  • Less Cost

  • Convenient Schedules

  • Real Life Projects

  • Multiple Locations

Online Programs

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 Lean Assessment

3-6 weeks

Kanban System Design

5 weeks

Strategic Scheduling for Lean Manufacturing

5 weeks

Cycle Counting & Inventory Accuracy

3 weeks

How Strategos Online Seminars Work

Video Training CycleLearning Teams

Seminars use "Learning Teams" that work together in all activities. Each team consists of 2-6 people from the same organization who meet weekly for the live session. Each seminar may have up to 18 people in three learning teams all from the same company.

In designing these programs we have combined the popular  "Kaizen Event" or "Kaizen Blitz" with important principles from ""Action Learningg.""


 1) The weekly cycle starts in the virtual classroom online with the instructor. This session explains material from the workbooks and answers questions. The time for these sessions is mutually agreed. 

2) Each team has homework assignments of exercises and projects taken from the participant's work areas. Teams submit assignments before the next online session.

3) The instructor reviews assignments for discussion at the next session.

Arrange A Workshop

Three Easy Steps

Unclear objectives, multiple constituencies and buzzwords can make for difficult training decisions. We try to make it easy—three basic steps start with a conversation...

Phone Strategos

Call us for an exploratory conversation. We will ask some basic questions about your situation, objectives and people. We will also discuss possible formats and content.

Training Proposal

Review our proposal. We will email a proposal in a day or so. It may be exactly what you want. Or, it may be a basis for further discussion between us or with your colleagues. If and when you are ready we...

Lean Training

Set the dates. You can suggest some possible dates; we fit these with our upcoming schedule. We can usually find a mutually agreeable time within 2-6 weeks.

Call us today at 816-931-1414 ( or send an email) to explore needs, options and costs. Then, you can decide if Strategos will be right for your people.

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