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Onsite SMED Kaizen Event

Setup Reduction (SMED) Kaizen Event

Two Days to Faster Setups

Kaizen symbolThis intensive two-day Setup-Reduction Kaizen Event (blitz) generates order-of-magnitude improvements in setup time and setup cost. The immediacy and urgency of this session changes paradigms, generates enthusiasm and brings rapid, low-cost solutions. 

Setup Reduction or SMED is the key to small batches, fast response, quality, and Kanban production control in many situations. 

Program Summary

Format Onsite Workshop Who Should Attend?
Time 2-Day Setup Operators
Production Operators
Cost $5500 (Includes Travel)
Participants 5-16
Next Step Call us at 816-931-1414

36 Hours To Faster Setups

Videotape & Prepare-Strategos helps identify a setup and client videotapes it. Preparations are made and resources such as Maintenance, Engineering and Tool Room are reserved. Team members are assigned.

Train- Four hours of training prepares the teams with tools and techniques for analysis.

Analyze- Teams analyze videotapes and plan improvements.

5-S- Teams execute 5-S techniques to clean, paint, arrange and organize the equipment and the area.

Modify, Repair & Build- Repairs and changes to equipment and tooling are made. Fixtures, racks and carts are built. Maintenance and Tool Room personnel may work into the night. 

Practice- Teams practice setups & videotape improvements.

Standardize- Some team members practice; others document the setup. 

Follow-Up- Some improvements must be left for later. These are documented. Your Strategos advisor continues support via phone and email.

Participants Will Learn...

  • About Five dramatic benefits from SMED.

  • A structured Four-Step process for streamlining changeovers.

  • Dozens of specific ideas to improve setups.

  • How to overcoming the deadly effect of poor housekeeping.

  • How to eliminate adjustments--the most time-consuming and frustrating part of setup.

  • Using teams to changeover large, complex equipment.

Program Outline

1. The Importance of Setup Reduction

Optimum Lot Sizing


2. The Four Phases

Organization, Maintenance & Housekeeping

Converting Internal Elements To External

Improving Elements

Eliminating Adjustments

3. Documenting Current Practice

Using Videotape

Process Charting & Multi-Task Charting

4. Improving The Setup

Specific Techniques for Various Industries


Analyzing The Tapes & Charts

5. Implementing Your Program

Establishing Metrics

Setting Priorities


Reinforcing Setup Loops

Several effects and behaviors push firms towards long setups and large batches.

Phases of Setup Reduction

Setup Reduction

Eliminating Adjustments

Videos show how to eliminate adjustments making setups both faster and more consistent.

Eight-color Printing Press

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