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Kaizen Event & Workshop—Cycle Counting Training



Quarterman LeeThis program combines Action Learning principles with Internet delivery for economical and effective training of Cycle Counters. Please call me to talk further or schedule your session.

Quarterman Lee






Guide To Cycle Counting-Training Edition

The Strategos Guide To

Cycle Counting & Inventory Accuracy

Cycle Counting De-Mystified

Free Training Edition of Mr. Lee's latest book is included with this program. This is a book for practitioners who want inventory accuracy quickly and simply.  







Five Weeks To Inventory Record Accuracy

Cycle Counting - Physical Inventories - Error Prevention - Transaction Reduction

Accurate inventory records are attainable. This seminar not only explains how, it guides your team through the design of an inventory accuracy program for your facility. Your team will decide how to:

  • Reduce the cost and frustration of Physical Inventories. 

  • Setup and operate Cycle Counting to eventually replace physical inventories. 

  • Find and eliminate the Root Causes of record errors.

  • Reduce transaction volume to cut cost and reduce new errors.

The program is based on Mr. Lee's latest book, The Strategos Guide To Cycle Counting and Inventory Record Accuracy. Conducted over the internet, it allows your team the time and space to learn, analyze and apply principles to your situation. Our Instructor/Facilitator will then guide your team as they investigate possibilities, gather data and make decisions.

Format Onsite Live Online Who Should Attend?
Time 1 Day 3-Weeks

Materials Managers


Warehouse Stockers

Inventory Trackers


Cycle Counters

Cost $3400 $1200
Participants 5-50 5-25
Next Step Ph: 816-931-1414

Participants Will Learn...

  • Reducing The Pain With Cycle Counting

  • What Cycle Counting is and why it works

  • The fundamental statistical principles that underlie cycle counting.

  • How to organize, staff and direct your cycle counters.

  • To determine procedures for cycle counting and fixing errors.

  • How to determine the number of cycle counts per day and how many people to assign.

  • How to cope in a 24-7 environment.

  • To measure progress and adjust your program as required.

  • Three ways to measure inventory accuracy and which to use for your situation

  • How To Eliminate Root Causes

  • Why finding the cause of an error is more important than the error.

  • How to find and fixing the Root Causes of errors.

  • Is bar-coding right for you?.

  • Easy and Accurate Physical Inventories

  • How to set up an efficient and effective procedure for the physical inventory

  • How to prepare for a physical inventory

  • How to motivate your counters and workers

  • About using count teams for speed and accuracy

  • The advantages and disadvantages of hiring an outside inventory firm

Train With Your Own Instructor

Program Outline

Wk Presentation Team Tasks


►Organize Kaizen Team

►Read Chapters 1 & 2

►Preliminary Information


1.0 Inventory Accuracy

 What It Is and Why It Matters

 How To Measure Accuracy

2.0 Cycle Counting

 Introduction To Cycle Counting

 Why Cycle Counting works

 Designing The Program

 Selection Methods

 Improving Effectiveness

►Gather Information

►Estimate Error Creation Rate

►Investigate Software Capabilities

►Setup ABC Classes

►Establish Count Tolerances


2.0 Cycle Counting (Continued)

 Estimating Resources

 Timing And Interference

 Cycle Counting Implementation

►Scenarios w/Strategos Estimator

►Estimate Resources

►Design Program


3.0 Process Improvement

 Prevention Versus Correction

 Root Causes of Inventory Errors

 Process Improvement Example

►Identify An Error Source

►Determine Root Causes/Solutions


4.0 Reducing Transaction Volume

 Drivers of High Volume

 Techniques For Reduction

 Transaction Reduction Example

►Prepare Product Process Chart

►ID Transaction Reduction Opportunities


5.0 Physical Inventories

 The Annual Inventory

 Conducting A Successful Audit

 Cards, Count Sheets, Barcodes

 Staffing For The Inventory

6.0 Inventory Accuracy Strategies

 Combining PI & Cycle Counting

 Error Prevention

 Organizing The Implementation

►Develop Accuracy Strategy

►Plan Implementation

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

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