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Sort Out The Junk

5S Fast & Simple

The First Step

Sorting through objects in the workplace is the first step. Everything that moves should have a tag-- tools, parts, furniture and personal objects. While the procedure is simple, the decisions are sometimes agonizing.

Who Decides?

This can be a delicate issue. Generally, let the person who uses or owns the item decides. When several people within the work group use the item, negotiation may be required.

The Tags
5S Red Tag
  • Allocate a central "Red Tag Area" where items go that cannot be simply thrown in the trash.

  • Include disposal instructions if necessary.

  • Appoint a review board for questionable items. (You may not need the item but someone else may need it.)

5S Yellow Tag

  • Allocate a "Yellow Tag" location near the workplace. 

  • Review on a specific date. 

  • Store occasionally necessary items in out of the way locations.

5S Green Tag
  • Leave "Green Tag" items in the workplace. 

  • Set their final location later.

Tagged Area


Another Tagged Area


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