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SHINE Everything In the

5S Quick & Easy 

Clean, Polish & Paint

5S SuppliesWith only essential items remaining, it is time to clean and paint. In some 5S programs, cleaning and painting are considered separately. Either way, it is likely to be done over time. 

The first cleaning leaves some dirt and oil. The next cleaning looks better and third cleaning will prepare for painting. All floors, equipment, and almost every surface should get paint.

Guidelines for Shine

  • Each work team should establish their own measure of "clean".  (See Below)

  • Establish a regular schedule for routine cleaning and deep cleaning. 

  • The entire team participates. This is not something for a special janitorial crew. 

  • Ensure that every crew has adequate cleaning supplies and equipment.

5S In The ArmyShine

MOre good 5S Results Proud of 5S Results Team shines their work area

Clean room

"Clean" In Electronics

Is Different than...

"Clean In A Foundry"




Clean In A Foundry

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